We started this mission nine years ago, after picking one child off the streets, who among a host of other things had AIDS. That was Roodline, now 19. She will never leave the care of people because she has developed AIDS related dementia, which effects her memory, speech and balance.

Move ahead two years: After two years of taking on children, many in deaths throes, Haiti Comfort was being cleaned financially by the workers we employed and very much alone, we finally asked God what He wanted of us: a fmaily or an organization? There is no doubt that His message was family, so we rearranged our focus. We got rid of the workers, except for Marioli, quit taking the kids to church and formed our own, became Momma and Dado, and have provided a family.

A few years later, people asked about adoption of some of our kids and we were really torn about breaking up what we had going. What we see is 14 children celebrating Momma’s birthday and the smiles are real, the sibling relationships are strong and the family is indeed a family. 11 of the 14 have been with us since they were infants and toddlers, therefore their first language is English. Most all know Kreyol. We teach in English here at home. Trisha works primarily with the 5 year olds (kindergarten). Ray teaches reading, writing, spelling and science.

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